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facilitating connection,

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”
― Winston S. Churchill



Equid Branches Wellness Services provides Trauma Informed Equine Facilitated Services. Our team of licensed mental health professional, trained equine professionals and four legged partners work together to provide an expectation and judgment free space for self discovery and healing. Trauma Informed Care requires an understanding of the neurobiology of trauma; an understanding that relationships are the vehicle for change; and an understanding of the role of rhythm in healing and growth. Our team at Equid Branches works hard towards developing a professional skill set that enables our clients to build healthier relationships and connections. 

How we Can Help You

  • Therapy services facilitated alongside horses

    1 hr

    170 US dollars
  • Use this area to describe one of your services.

    4 hr

    Contact for Quote
  • Services provided for Military families. Scholarships offered through ...

    1 hr

    170 US dollars
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